SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) – National Strawberry Day is February 27 and even though strawberry picking season is still months away, that doesn’t mean you can’t start searching for recipes. Here’s a list of some strawberry treats and drinks that you can make to celebrate the holiday or to store away for later.


Strawberry Oatmeal Bars

These oatmeal bars from Well Plated are the perfect start to your day. They can be made with fresh or frozen strawberries and they are a healthier option compared to some of the other recipes on this list. They are 100% whole grain and only 100 calories per bar.

This recipe takes less than an hour to make. It makes 16 servings, the perfect size for a side to your strawberry themed breakfast.

Strawberry Breakfast Tacos

Looking for something you can eat that will help you stay full until lunch? This simple recipe from Taste of Home includes fresh strawberries and cream cheese- the perfect combination. It is a quick recipe that you can make before heading out for your strawberry filled day.

It takes less than ten ingredients to craft this delicious entrée. Paired with the fact that it only takes 30 minutes to make, you can put these breakfast tacos together in a jiffy. The recipe makes six servings.

Strawberry Breakfast Pastry

If you want a recipe that takes less than half an hour and only uses five ingredients, this strawberry breakfast pastry from Just A Taste is the way to go. It uses fresh strawberries paired with strawberry jam to make a lovely breakfast option.

This recipe has less than eight steps, so it’s great for the person who doesn’t want a complicated breakfast. It makes six servings but it can be easily adjusted for larger groups with a simple click of a button on the website page.

Lunch or Dinner

Strawberry Meal Prep Salad

If you’re interested in continuing on with your celebrations by making some strawberry themed lunch or dinner dishes, here’s a recipe to start with: a yummy salad with fresh strawberries, spinach, chicken and walnuts.

This recipe from Eating Well is quick and easy. It takes only half an hour to put together with the most time consuming part of it being the preparation of the chicken. It has four servings so it is also a great option if you’re hoping to meal prep for the coming week.

Peanut Butter and Strawberry Sushi

Here’s something unique to try for the holiday: a peanut butter and strawberry sushi recipe from California Strawberries. It uses only three ingredients and is the perfect option for anyone who is trying to diversify their kid’s pack lunches- or their own.

This recipe calls for fresh strawberries and takes around five minutes. It yields one sushi roll so it can be easily modified to serve everyone who wishes to partake in the dish.


Fresh Strawberry Juice

Now that you’ve got your food, you’ll probably need something to drink as well. This recipe for fresh strawberry juice takes only three ingredients and a blender to be completed. It comes from the vegetarian website Spice up the Curry.

This fresh strawberry juice recipe takes only 10 minutes and yields four servings. You can sip it or add it to things like milkshakes and smoothies.

Strawberry Refresher

Another great option for a drink is this non-alcoholic strawberry refresher from The Fresh Cooky. While it is an easy recipe, it will require you to make a strawberry syrup in advance. However, once you have the syrup you can make as many of these refreshers as you want. (Until you run out.)

This recipe is for one drink and takes two minutes to pour together. You’ll need four ingredients including fresh strawberries and ice. Once you’ve got everything the recipe asks for, it’s as simple as pouring the ingredients together in a glass and enjoying.


Strawberry Lemon Blondies

It’s finally time for dessert and all those light meals mean you’ve definitely got the stomach for a big dessert. This strawberry lemon blondie recipe from The View From Great Island is a wonderful treat for you to eat to celebrate National Strawberry Day.

These strawberry lemon blondies take about 45 minutes to make from start to finish. They take about 10 ingredients for the glaze and the blondies together, or eight ingredients for the blondies on their own. The recipe makes 12 servings but that can easily be adjusted at the click of a button on the website.

Strawberry Crumb Bars

This recipe for strawberry crumb bars from Flavor Mosaic has an average of 4.5 stars out of 149 reviews. It looks as delicious as it sounds and, if you really want the flavors to pop, you should use fresh strawberries for the dessert.

This recipe has about eight ingredients, with one ingredient being used twice. There are instructions on the recipe page on how to make this nine serving recipe into one that serves 18 or even 27 depending upon what you need. It takes about an hour to make from start to finish.

Strawberry Dump Cake

The final recipe in this list is a strawberry dump cake from Sunday Supper. Traditionally, a dump cake is a cake where you “dump” all of the ingredients into a pan and bake it. For this recipe you will also need a bowl to mix the dry ingredients before you put them in with the fruits in the pan.

This recipe makes 12 servings and takes about an hour to make from start to finish. Most of that time is in the oven. It uses eight ingredients total, including fresh strawberries and bananas.