Molson Coors employees in mourning after shooting

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MILWAUKEE, MI (WTMJ) – Molson Coors Brewing Company has hundreds of employees at the Milwaukee, Wisconsin campus.

They were sent an alert to shelter in place just after shots rang out around 2 p.m. Wednesday.

The intersection of 46th and State became a designated pick up location for workers. It was there we saw lots of hugs and phone calls as employees left a harrowing experience. Many of them were without jackets and winter gear since they were not allowed to go back for the items.

“We tried to stay together, and we tried to make sure everyone was accounted for. We just did our best to wait it out,” said a worker who was waiting for a ride. She did not share her name but said she was at her desk in the corporate area when she got an email alert—there was an active shooter.

“We were all pretty scared. We were watching the live stream is on TV trying to see what was going on outside because we couldn’t see anything. We were evacuated to another building, evacuated to another building and finally to the gift center. We’re all just happy to be okay,” the worker said.

Randy Chenoweth has worked at the brewery for decades. He says he was just feet from where the shooting took place.

“If I wouldn’t have gone to talk to this guy who was relieving me I’d be one of the guys. I know that for a fact because I would’ve walked right into what was going on,” said Chenoweth.

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