‘Meth. I’m on it.’ Ads spark controversy

National News

(KARE) – A $440,000 public service campaign created for the state of South Dakota to raise awareness of meth abuse is turning heads across the country.

In the video ads, ordinary people including children turn to the camera and say, “I’m on meth.”

Many people on social media calling the campaign a mockery. Another comment says “You turned meth into a joke.”

“We knew it was going to be provocative. We wanted to do something different,” say Beth Burgy, president of Broadhead, the agency that created the campaign.

Burgy said they knew the campaign would get a reaction. And to make people notice, they had to do something different than the gritty meth awareness ads that have been tried in the past.

According to South Dakota’s contract with Broadhead, their original idea for the PSA included Governor Kristi Noem wearing a shirt that says, “I’m on Meth.”

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