Married police officers catch robber while on a date

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LOUISVILLE, Ky. (CNN) – Two married police officers decided to have a date night but had to step into action during their meal.

Chase and Nicole McKeown, both Elizabethtown Police Officers, have been married for six months. On Saturday, they were off the clock and decided to have a date night at their favorite spot, Raising Cane’s.

“It’s actually, right after we got married, that’s where we had dinner. The same location,” Nicole said.

The dinner took a turn when a masked man attempted to rob the restaurant. Video surveillance shows a masked man, later identified by detectives as Justin Carter, walk into Raising Cane’s, flash a gun to the employee at the register, and demand money.

The video shows the McKeown’s quickly spring into action, pulling their weapons and chasing Carter, demanding he drop his gun. Carter tosses his gun on his way out the door.

The McKeown’s held Carter outside until more officers arrived. Carter is now in custody, charged with Robbery.

“We’re trained for those kinds of situations,” Nicole said. “When it comes to people’s lives in danger, I feel like any officer here would’ve done the exact same thing.”

The couple says instinct kicked in as officers, and as a couple.

“There was literally no question. We just looked at each other, is this what’s going on? Let’s go,” Chase said.

Detective Dan Mason of the Louisville Police thanked the McKeowns for taking action Saturday night.

“It is my belief that if it were not for the heroic actions of these two officers, the perpetrators actions inside the business would’ve escalated,” Mason said. “They acted honorably and heroically.”

The McKeowns say it’s been an eventful six months of marriage and they hope that their next date night won’t come with such a big helping of adrenaline.

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