Man behind ‘blinking guy’ GIF using fame to raise money to fight MS

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SAN FRANCISCO, Ca. (KPIX) – A California man who’s puzzled reaction went viral online a few years ago is using his internet fame for a good cause.

In 2013, Drew Scanlon was participating in a video game stream when he made a confused face, blinking his eyes. Then, four years later, his puzzled reaction conquered the internet.

This GIF of Scanlon took the internet by storm in 2017 (via GIPHY) :

“It was cool on one hand, but on the other it was a little scary, because at that scale, you realize that it’s sort of out of your hands,” Scanlon said.

Scanlon said he has only been recognized one time. He said that people oftentimes think it’s Cary Elwes or Michael C. Hall is the man in the GIF.

Now, in 2019, Scanlon has decided to use his one of a kind fame to raise money for the Waves to Wine Bike Ride for the National M.S. Society.

“This year I decided to, I guess, come clean to the internet and say ‘This is me. If you’ve ever had any joy from this GIF, please consider making a donation,’ and so far that has really helped,” Scanlon said.

He has already raised several thousands of dollars.

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