Kentucky “Santa Claus” continues tradition of giving gifts from her front porch

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ASHLAND, Kentucky (WSAZ) –  If you are passing through Ashland, Kentucky, you might get the opportunity to see Santa.

Connie Parmer, has been dressing up as Santa for decades and offering gifts to anyone who passes by her porch.

“It’s just something I love doing, trying to help other people and I’m kind of selfish in a way because I love doing it because it makes me feel good,” she says.

But her story is deeper than meets the eye. Earlier this year, Parmer’s brother, Dwight Daniels, passed away from lung cancer, which made her not want to continue her tradition.

Then Daniels spoke to her in a dream.

“He said ‘Why are you giving up now?’” Parmer said. “He said ‘You’re the one who helped me to get gifts for my children when I couldn’t do it. You helped me get gifts for my grandkids when I couldn’t do it, and you gave the love you have in your heart.’ That’s what made me decide to go ahead and just do it this year,” Parmer says.

Parmer says that she is now trying to find a way to be able to give gifts all year-round, not just in December.

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