‘Judgy’ cat goes viral, finds forever home

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PHOENIX, Ariz. (CNN) – The arguably most famous cat on the internet might have an heir. A kitten in Arizona has such an adorable scowl that Humane Society workers started calling him “Judgy Roger.”

After mourning the loss of its famed “Grumpy Cat” last year, Arizona now has another cat who might be heir to the throne of feline royalty.

Roger, aka “Judgy Roger,” is going viral for his adoption photo. He was shot wearing a look of tired superiority, and Humane Society members say the image definitely matched Roger’s attitude at the time.

“Roger’s face had this perfect little scowl,” Valerie Stockton, animal behavioral specialist, said. “He just looked so irritated.”

Roger had a few behavior problems, including hissing, swatting and hiding in his litter box. While he was getting attention online, he was working with Stockton and making improvements.

“Luckily, he loves other kittens, so as soon as I gave him a friend, he turned into a very sweet, playful, pretty normal kitten,” Stockton said.

Anyone hoping to adopt the passive aggressive kitty is too late. Patty McNeel swiped up Roger without even knowing he was semi-famous.

“The way he cuddled. He cuddled up when she brought him in the room,” McNeel said. “And he purrs, sounds like a little motorboat.”

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