Group of football players come together to clean up vandalized store

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TAMPA, Fla. (CNN) – Current and former football players from around Tampa teamed up to help clean up a vandalized store.

The group of about a dozen is led by former college football player Markeis Leavette.

“We just wanted to show them that even in the midst of all the negative, there’s still a lot of positive things that can go on,” Leavette said.

When the group got together, they focused on debris at the burned out Champs store.

“A lot of people who are doing it are a lot of young kids who are misguided at this moment,” Leavette said. “It’s a lot of kids doing other things because they see other people doing it.”

Members of the group say destroying businesses is not the way to protest.

“We can’t burn down our own city. Our homes. This is where we live,” Cadi Molina said. “I have a one-year-old daughter. This is where she is going to grow up.”

Leavette said he believes that eventually the city will come back together. Images of the group of football players cleaning up their community have already gotten attention. The mayor’s office and ESPN have already reached out.

The group says now, they’re looking for any other businesses that may need some help with clean up.

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