Government shutdown hits one-month mark

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The government shutdown has reached its one month mark. And the economic consequences are affecting government workers, contractors and all of the businesses they would normally support.

The fighting between Democrats and the president continues as President Trump released a video on Twitter, digging in on his demands. 

“Whether it’s the wall or barrier, whether it’s technology, whether it’s the drug-detecting equipment, this is what law enforcement wants.”

Democrats say they want most of the things the president mentioned, including technology and drug-detecting equipment. But they too are digging in and will not agree to funda border wall.

Hundreds of thousands of government employees across the country are going unpaid. Congress passed legislation to provide back pay, but not until the shutdown ends.

Virginia Senator Tim Kaine says, “What sense does it make to guarantee payment but prohibit them from doing the work?”

The rippling economic effects are costing the economy billions of dollars and adding up daily.

Now the private sector is stepping in. Paypal’s CEO, for example, announced the company will give interest-free loans to government employees affected by the shutdown.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and a congressional delegation were supposed to spend the weekend visiting Afghanistan on official business until the president grounded their flight. Asked if she thought it was out of spite and she says, “I would hope not. I don’t think the president would be that petty, do you?”

There are no votes scheduled in Congress until after today and no word of negotiations to find a compromise.

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