(NBC News) — When her mom died somewhat unexpectedly, JayDee Pohs was overcome by grief, then overwhelmed by frustration.

“We can’t even mourn our own mom right now,” Pohs says. “We are too busy trying to take care of her estate. That’s hard.”

Especially hard because her mother left no will, no trust and no estate planning whatsoever.

“We had to leave my mom while she was dying in the hospice house to try and get more paperwork done for her estate,” she says. 

Legal experts say estate planning doesn’t have to be complicated or costly.

“An estate plan in it’s simplest form is a road map for your loved ones,” explains attorney Danielle Webb. “A good estate plan will include not only a will but a health care power of attorney and a living will.”

Webb says there are plenty of resources to help, but admits the hard part is getting everyone to the table to talk about it.

“What I encourage people to do is approach their aging parents and say ‘You are helping me if you could write this down,'” she says.

That’s something JayDee Pohs wishes she had pushed harder for.

“You have every emotion you could ever have, because you are about to lose your loved one, and you have to deal with everything else on top of it,” she says. 

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