Falling catfish shatters NC driver’s windshield

National News

BEAUFORT COUNTY, NC (CNN) – Reckless drivers and debris in the street are common things to keep an eye out for on the road, but one North Carolina driver says her car was hit by something truly unexpected… a catfish.

Rhesa Walston says she was driving her SUV when she noticed a bird flying overhead with a large catfish in its beak. A moment later, the bird dropped the fish on her windshield, shattering it.

“Is this real? Did I really just get hit by a fish?” Walston said.

Walston pulled the car off the side of the road and found the fish. She took a photo and shared it so Facebook, where it quickly went viral. The photo has been shared over 117,000 times.

Walston’s insurance took care of her new windshield, but she says from now on she’ll be on the lookout for fish while driving around town.

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