DNA solves 35-year-old homicide case, clears sister’s name

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SALISBURY, N.C. (WBTV) – The family of a 15-year-old girl brutally murdered 35 years ago is finally getting closure, and clearing one of their names.

Reesa Trexler was stabbed to death in 1984, and though the case was never solved, members of the community blamed her sister, Jodie Laird, for the crime.

Thanks to investigator Travis Schulenburger and advanced DNA technology, investigators determined that Trexler was killed by a man who died in 2004. Warrants show that police exhumed the body of Curtis Blair, and DNA taken from his remains led the to the conclusion that he was the killer.

“I just want to say how thrilled me and my family are,” Laird said. “It’s been a long road, something that honestly for many, many years we didn’t think would happen.”

Schulenburger said that Laird has been completely exonerated in the case, and confirmed that Blair had no connection to the family. Blair worked at a plant near the family’s home.

“I think we can walk down the street and look at people very differently now,” Laird said. “That makes a big difference.”

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