Department of Justice reviewing stock trades following COVID-19 briefings

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This photo provided by the New York Stock Exchange shows the unoccupied NYSE trading floor, closed temporarily for the first time in 228 years as a result of coronavirus concerns, Tuesday March 24, 2020. (Kearney Ferguson/NYSE via AP)

(CNN) – The Justice Department is looking into a number of stock deals done by lawmakers right before the coronavirus turned the market south.

That’s according to a CNN exclusive report from two people who are familiar with the issue.

The probe is just underway and is taking part with cooperation from the Securities and Exchange Commission.

One of the sources linked to this matter says the FBI has reached out to senator Richard Burr about trades.

Burr, a republican from North Carolina sold something between $628,000 to $1.7 million worth of stock last month.

As for now there is no indication that Burr or any other lawmaker did anything illegally.

Others who made recent stock sales include Georgia senator Kelly Loeffler and California senator Dianne Feinstein.

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