Delivery driver accused of hitting restaurant worker with car after argument over COVID-19 policy

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CHICAGO, Ill. (CNN) – A person of interest has turned themselves in involving a hit and run case in Chicago.

Cell phone video shown above shows the moments before a delivery driver for Grubhub ran over a worker of Ms. T’s Southern Fried Chicken. The victim is 24-year-old Bijan Early. Early’s mother, Angenita Tanner, owns the restaurant.

“I was so scared. I have never seen anything like this,” Tanner said. “It was just something crazy out of TV. It was like surreal. I don’t know, I thought he was going to kill my baby.”

Early suffered multiple injuries.

“She is on a breathing machine,” Tanner said. “She is sedated because she is [in] so much pain.”

Tanner says the delivery driver became angry after she told him to wait outside due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“My social distancing rule is one customer at time,” Tanner said. “He told me no. He stood against the door and he said ‘I am not leaving.’ I said ‘well sir, this is for your health as well as ours to protect yourself.’ He said ‘I don’t want to.'”

Tanner says the driver then kicked the restaurant’s door and left. She and her daughter went outside to get his license plate number to give to police and Grubhub.

Tanner says she asked the driver why he kicked the door, and he denied doing so. He threatened to run her daughter over, and then hit Early with his car and drove away.

Tanner says restaurant owners are already facing hard times and all she was trying to do was follow the rules.

“Just trying to make a days living, you know what I’m saying,” Tanner said. “For me and my family, and for something like this to happen, and the thing about it is we are all trying to make a living. This was uncalled for.”

Tanner says she has not been able to see her daughter yet because of coronavirus-related visitor restrictions at the hospital.

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