Chicago-area Buffalo Wild Wings customers say they were asked to move tables because of race

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CHICAGO (CNN Newsource) – Two workers at a Chicago-area Buffalo Wild Wings have been fired after an alleged incident of racism at the restaurant.

A female customer posted on Facebook that employees asked her group of adults and children that included African Americans to move to other tables because a regular patron sitting nearby was “racist.”

“It sounds like it was just an awful experience,” said Mayor Steve Chirico of Naperville, Illinois.

The customers say the racist incident happened just days ago at a Buffalo Wild Wings just east of route 59 in Naperville.

The group — which was made up of adults and kids from the western suburbs — say the restaurant manager asked them to move tables because a customer who is a regular there didn’t want to sit by black people.

Chirico said the alleged behavior that took place in his city is unacceptable.

“Well I think that it would be naive to think that it does not happen. We know that people are out there with racist views and it is unfortunate,” he said.

The customers say they were treated unfairly from the moment they arrived at the restaurant.

It started when one customer says the host walked up and asked what ethnicity they were.

“As we walked in, my boy Justin, was greeted by the host and right away he was asked, after he told what size our party was, he was asked what ethnicity was our party,” said Marcus Riley. “And it really just started from then. We were seated and we were going to eat anyway, so we just went ahead and sat down and tried to enjoy a meal.”

According to the victims, two managers of the restaurant asked to move the group to another table away from the couple. After going back and forth with management, the group decided to walk out. They then reached out to upper management.

“That’s unacceptable to not have someone in there who is trained and understands the importance of treating people properly,” said Chirico.

Buffalo Wild Wings said they have terminated a service manager and shift manager related to the incident, stating:

“We take this incident very seriously and after conducting a thorough, internal investigation have terminated the employees involved.”

The restaurant’s parent company said the customer who made the request has been banned from every Buffalo Wild Wings in the country. The company also stated they will give diversity and sensitivity training for all its staff at its locations in the Chicago metro area.

The group says they are not pursuing a lawsuit right now but would like to sit down with the owners of Buffalo Wild Wings and discuss what changes they plan to make going forward.

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