CDC confirms case of monkeypox in Maryland

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Dr. Danny G. Mead, an assistant research scientist in the College of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Georgia, works with vials containing mosquitoes, which were caught last week in Albany, Ga., in the Wildlife Health building on the university campus in Athens, Ga. on Wednesday, April 7, 2004. About 75 percent of all new diseases, including those from major outbreaks such as SARS, bird flu and monkeypox, have come from animals. As a result, veterinarians and other animal disease researchers increasingly are needed to help in the fight against emerging infectious diseases. (AP Photo/Allen Sullivan)

ATLANTA (WDVM) — The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) are reporting a case of a rare viral illness in Maryland.

Officials say a traveler brought a case of monkeypox back with them after a recent trip to Nigeria. Lab tests confirmed it on Tuesday and the patient is isolating in Maryland.

The CDC is working with the airline and local health officials on contact tracing. Officials say the airline, like all others in the U.S., required masks on the plane.

Since monkeypox spreads similarly to COVID-19, it’s believed the risk of transmission on the flight was low.

“Monkeypox is a rare but potentially serious viral illness that typically begins with flu-like illness and swelling of the lymph nodes and progresses to a widespread rash on the face and body. Monkeypox re-emerged in Nigeria in 2017 after more than 40 years with no reported cases,” the CDC said in a statement Wednesday morning.

Only eight cases of monkeypox have been reported in the U.S. since 2017.

If you have any questions about how to keep from being infected with the monkeypox virus, visit the CDC’s website.

At the moment, there is no proven, safe treatment for monkeypox virus infection.

It has been over 50 years since the first case of monkeypox was diagnosed, according to the CDC.

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