CAUGHT ON CAMERA: Man attacks Lyft driver over plastic divide in car

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JACKSONVILLE, Fla. (CNN) – A Lyft passenger is out on bond after deputies say he attacked his driver in Florida. The reason, deputies say, is because he was annoyed that the car had a plastic partition between the driver and passengers.

The entire incident was caught on dash camera.

Deputies say 39-year-old Travis Smith was annoyed by the thin, plastic partition the Lyft driver had in his car as a COVID-19 safety precaution. Video shows Smith, his friend, and his friend’s son sitting in the back seat, when the car’s light comes on, indicating that someone opened a door.

“Did you open the door, man?” the driver can be heard asking.

“Me? No. Nobody’s opened the door,” Smith replies.

Suddenly, without warning, deputies say the video shows Smith rip down the partition, attacking the driving while he’s driving and putting him in a chokehold. The child can be heard screaming from the back seat as a door flies open.

As the fight continues outside of the car, the car starts to roll away. The driver is then seen jumping back in to stop it. Both the driver and Smith are then heard screaming to call the police.

Deputies say the driver sustained minor injuries. Smith is facing Battery and Child Abuse charges, because the 7-year-old was in the car during the attack.

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