Cape Cod surfer has close encounter with shark

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CAPE COD, Mass. (WCVB) – A surfer had a close call Friday in Cape Cod waters when a great white shark got a little too close for comfort.

Devon Zimmerman said he had only been in the water for two minutes when he saw what he thought was a seal next to him. It turned out to be the head of a great white.

“It was pure shock and you see literally the moment when I recognize what it is, and my only response is to lift my feet out of the water and drop my jaw,” Zimmerman said.

Joe Mault was on the beach during the shark encounter, yelling at Zimmerman to warn him. He captured this incredible photo:

Zimmerman said he tried to remain calm and paddle to shore without splashing too much, but said that his heart is still pounding.

His wife, Sarah Zimmerman said she felt sick when she saw the photo. The two said they are feeling extremely lucky.

“Before we cross over the Massachusetts border, we’re definitely buying some lotto tickets,” Zimmerman joked. “Powerball picks, if anyone needs them, give me call!”

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