California fire evacuees get police escorts to grab their pets

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LOS ANGELES, Calif. (KCAL) – As wildfires burn through California, some evacuees got to go home, with a police escort, to grab only the necessities… including their pets.

Debbie Lang returned to her home to pick up her two dogs, Chin and Kiwi. She lost her home back in 2008 to a wildfire, but was able to save her pets then, too.

“Not my first rodeo, unfortunately,” Lang said.

She was able to save her two dogs, but had to leave her pet tortoise and birds behind and hope they’ll be okay.

Another evacuee said it was hard to evacuate with her pets, but she is thankful they are alright.

“They are just happy to be out of those cages,” she said. “My cat and dog had to share a cage and they don’t like each other. It was rough. I love them, they are my babies, first thing I saved.”

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