As we head into the new school year it can be an exciting time for many, but for some children who have been bullied, it can be a terrifying thought.

For one girl, bullying pushed her to think about taking her own life.

The inspiration for “Morgan’s Song”, written and performed by Mindy Davey in Western New York, came from the Capital Region of New York.

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“I was feeling down about myself because I was getting bullied at school,” Morgan Lorey, 12, said. “I didn’t feel like anyone cared about me.”

Morgan says she started to think the worst.

“If I did commit suicide, I didn’t think anyone cared.”

“It was very difficult. It’s probably one of the worst days of my life,” Morgan’s mother Susan said.

Morgan’s mother Susan got her daughter professional help and then she took to social media.

“I posted on Facebook asking for cards and letters and just encouraging words for her.”

Morgan received hundreds of words of encouragement but the best gift was yet to come.

“It was kind of surprising to me that someone would take time out of their day and write a song about me,” Morgan said.

Davey had come across Morgan’s story on social media and after her own experiences with bullying, decided to do something to show her support.

“It played a really big part in Morgan’s healing. She listened to it several times a day,” Susan said.

“It made me feel like I actually did matter to people because people I didn’t even know were reaching out to me,” Morgan said.

Morgan and Davey were able to meet and celebrate life and music together.

Now, Morgan is sharing her story, hoping it will help someone else.

“There are people out there that care. Even if you feel like there aren’t, there is always someone out there. If you’re struggling, reach out,” Susan said.

“I just hope that when they see my story, it will make them feel better too,” Morgan said.

If you or someone you know is struggling with thoughts of suicide, reach out to someone.

There is help, including the National Suicide Hotline at 1-800-273-8255.

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