Murder suspect: ‘I’m a prophet, not a serial killer’


WINTER HAVEN, Fla. (WJHL) — A man accused of murdering one person in Greeneville and two more in Florida says he killed them for God.

Speaking to reporters while being transported to jail in Florida on Tuesday, Stanley Mossburg said he’s “a prophet, not a serial killer” and that he allegedly killed the victims because “God needed them” for a war.

“Y’all will see God and there’s going to be a angels and demons fight from God,” Mossburg said before getting inside a patrol car.

Mossburg went on to say “there’s a war” and “everybody will see.”

When asked which side of the war he was on, Mossburg replied, “I’m the good side — God.”

He was then asked if he did it for God.

“Yes,” Mossburg replied.

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