COLLETON COUNTY, SC (WSAV) – Alex Murdaugh’s lawyers want to keep one expert from taking the stand in his murder trial.

Doing that could keep the jury from hearing a key piece of evidence against the disbarred attorney.

Dick Harpootlian and Jim Griffin have just filed a motion to stop Tom Bevel from testifying.

“….Hereby moves the court to prohibit the State from offering at trial any testimony regarding blood spatter from Tom Bevel, any other principal, associate, or employee of Bevel, Garner & Associates, LLC, or any officer of the State or other person whose opinion derives from review of Mr. bevel’s work product, as a sanction for Mr. bevel and the State’s deliberate refusal to comply with the Court’s order compelling production of documents related to Mr. Bevel’s opinion

Bevel is the expert who analyzed Alex Murdaugh’s shirt from the night of the murders for “blood spatter”.

The defense claims the State leaked information to FITSNEWS about the fact that Alex’s white t-shirt had a “significant amount of blood spatter on it from at least one of their bodies.” The information they say was a lie.

The motion adds that the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division (SLED) never told Bevel the shirt “definitively tested negative for human blood” before he produced his report.

It adds that Bevel’s first report “correctly determined there was no high-velocity blood spatter on the shirt.”

The defense has said Bevel “after badgering and a personal visit from SLED officials” then switched his opinion on whether the “spatter” on the shirt came from Paul Murdaugh.

Adding that Bevel “cited no new evidence except an in-person examination of the t-shirt”. This came “after it (the shirt) was destroyed for purposes of forensic testing by the unnecessary application of an oxidizing chemical stain.” and “after Mr. Bevel told the State it no evidentiary value to him.”

That shirt was “destroyed” by that testing and defense experts could not test or examine it themselves.

Attorneys say it all came to light only because SLED disclosed a copy of Mr. Bevel’s first report “by mistake”.

The argument goes so far as to say “SLED and Bevel decided to fabricate evidence against Alex Murdaugh”.

They are asking Judge Clifton Newman to exclude Mr. Bevel from testifying and that all his evidence or testimony on blood spatter also be dismissed.

Judge Newman will most likely hear evidence on this issue next week during motions for the trial.

Jury selection in the murder trial is supposed to start Monday.