Augusta, Ga (WJBF) – Stephanie Wall gave birth less than two weeks ago and now she’s fighting for custody of her baby.

“They said that I had tested positive for methamphetamine,” said Wall.

Wall says those results came from a urine drug test she never knew about.

When she was discharged from the hospital, she says child services took her baby away.

WJBF News Channel 6’s Deon Guillory asked, “Anyone who hears the story, the first thing they are going to ask is have you done drugs? What do you say to that?”

Wall replied, “No, I have not done. Like I said, I tried pot when I was younger, that’s it. It freaked me out and I can’t even mess around with that.”

Wall does have a list of prescription drugs she takes. She says her scars from a bout of scabies, but it’s the Zantac she uses for her acid reflux that could have caused a false-positive test result.

Alka-Seltzer Plus, Ibuprofen and Nyquil are some of the most common medicines that can cause a positive drug test.

Casey Moeck is a Pharmacy Resident at Barney’s Pharmacy on Peach Orchard Road in Augusta. He explains how this could happen.

“It just, you know, I guess with the chemicals in the drug test it just kinda registers the same so it can set off, you know, those false positives,” explained Moeck.

Wall warns, “Please, go out there. Do research,. Go on google. Type in your medication name. Type in false positive.”

Experts say this is common in urine drug tests.

Wall just took a hair follicle test and is waiting for those results.