Mixed reaction about Carter’s MSNBC remarks: ‘I think it’s completely unacceptable’


WASHINGTON, D.C. (WSAV) – Mixed emotions across the board after Representative Buddy Carter displayed his feelings Nationally Wednesday afternoon.

This after one of his fellow republicans voted against debating the repeal of the Affordable Care Act this is what he said on MSNBC about the issue.

“Somebody needs to go over there to that Senate and snatch a knot in their ass,” Carter said. “I’m telling ya it has got to the point where how can you say I voted for this last year and I’m not gonna vote for it this year. This is extremely frustrating for those of us who have put so much into this effort.”

Some jaws dropped to the ground after hearing Carter’s comments. News 3 asked his political opponent, Lisa Ring who’s a supporter of the Affordable Care Act, about what her thoughts are on the repeal.

“Repealing the Affordable Care Act has a detrimental effect and if Carter would listen to his constituents he would see people are scared to death that they’re going to lose their coverage,” Ring said. “We’re looking at millions of people who will not be protected anymore for preexisting conditions.”

And some of you in Carter’s district agree.

Ring, however said she’s not surprised about his comments or the language he used. She said this isn’t the first time she’s heard speak like this.

“Actually I’m not shocked anymore because I’ve seen his response to the people in the first district,” Ring said. “I’ve seen him at town halls where people are begging for him not to appeal the Affordable Care Act and he is saying to their face “I don’t care what you want.””

There were a lot of people who opposed his comments, but not all of their reactions were negative.

Here’s the response from Carter’s team about the comment:

“Rep. Carter’s comment was in no way directed towards Senator Murkowski specifically. His words speak for themselves that he was not speaking about a single senator. This is a southern phrase used frequently throughout Rep. Carter’s lifetime which simply means get your act together.”

We have reached out to our bureau in Washington for an interview with Carter. We will hear more from him Thursday morning.

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