Missing cattle in Effingham Co.

Four cows are missing and their life-long owner is searching for answers.

The Mayor of Bloomingdale Ben Rozier and his wife Cheryl say it’s been more than a week since the cows escaped, but now they’re worried about the cattle they consider children. The Rozier’s have raised cows, horses, chickens, and roosters for more than 20 years.

The Rozier’s tell News 3 a tree on the property next to them fell causing the tree to uproot the fence allowing the cows to escape.

The cows have been missing since July 1 or 2.  The family says they’ve used all-terrain vehicles, drones, and hunters to search both high and low more than 200 acres surrounding the property. They hope the cows have at least found food or water or a good Samaritan. Their biggest fear is that they’ve been killed for meat.

The four black Angus cows go by, Skillet, Skully, Skylar, and Skruffy. One is a calf, another a bull and two cows. Each ranging from roughly 1,000 to 2,500 lbs.

The family has reached out to Bloomingdale and Pooler Police for help -but all they want is their family reunited again.

“Normally, if they get out of the fence they come to this general area because they know they’re fed here. They haven’t come over here, we haven’t seen them. That’s what scares me is where they are and why they didn’t head back here,” Cheryl Rozier says.

The family says do not be alarmed if you see them because they are not aggressive.

They’re also asking anyone with any information to call the Bloomingdale or Pooler Police Department.

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