Millage rate for homeowners in Chatham County will not increase


The Chatham County Board of Commission announced good news for property owners in Chatham County.

The Millage Rate for this next year is set to remain the same.

“The Cat Milage rate will be the same at 1.55. We will within the special service district go down to 4.911. That rate is normally at 4.999. It’ll be a small decrease right there but as far as the mileage rate is concerned across the board we won’t have any kind of milage rate change,” said James Jones, Vice Chair of the Chatham County Board of Commission.

The news means homeowners in Chatham County won’t accrue a higher tax bill.

“I think as a commission we always wanna look at other avenues before we try to raise taxes. We like to find federal grants and other opportunities we can do to make it easier on the tax payers in our community. Understanding the importance of that allows the tax payers to be able to be able to take care of their taxes,” said Jones.

Two public hearings were held Thursday by the Commission.

“We haven’t had much public outcry as far as the public conversations, so that tells me the county must be doing a good job as far as the taxes are concerned with the community. We always want to express our sentiments to the community that any issues you can come to us and we wanna hear it,” said Jones.

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