FORT STEWART, Ga. (WSAV) — We brought you a story just a few weeks ago about conditions in the Fort Stewart barracks.

Fort Stewart barracks tenants tell me they have extensive health and safety concerns with their housing. But now, family members living in NCO housing on post tell us they are not much better off, either.

Some families who live in housing on base also say their housing is unlivable, and they fear for their children’s health.

One military spouse who spoke with WSAV on the condition of anonymity says her family has been dealing with mold all over their home for a year and a half.

She has two children under three, and her husband is deployed. She says that mold is now growing in her son’s bedroom on his clothing and toys.

The spouse News 3 spoke with says this issue is affecting not only her children’s physical health but her mental health as well.

“The entire 18-month span that we have dealt with all of these issues has really dramatically hurt. It hurts, as a parent. As a military family member, as a dependent, we live a very inconsistent life, and the one thing that is provided to us as security and safety is housing. And we’re supposed to be able to trust it. But, it’s not. We can’t,” she said.

Those who live in housing on post say that many of their belongings have been damaged by mold and they can’t afford to replace all of them.

They also say that while some of the Fort Stewart leadership has attempted to help military families facing hazardous conditions in their homes, the majority of those in charge of housing shrug off serious concerns.

“And there’s just mold growing all over my son’s sneakers, my husband’s gear, his brand new boots, OCPs, everything. And I’m like ‘What do I do?’ so, I contacted maintenance. They said, ‘Well, wash what you can, you can try and make a claim with us, and make us liable. But, there’s no guarantee we’re gonna help you,” the anonymous spouse said.

Advocate for service members and their families, Melissa Godoy, uses her social media to promote better conditions in on-post housing.

She became involved with Fort Stewart when a soldier there sent her videos of persistent mold inside the barracks. She says that, while poor housing conditions certainly exist at Fort Stewart, the issue stretches nationwide, telling me Congress needs to take decisive action.

There have been numerous reports from the federal government about military housing concerns across the country. Yet, some service members and families, like those at Fort Stewart, continue to struggle with their housing options.