HINESVILLE, S.C. (WSAV) — While many see Memorial Day as a time to relax with friends and family and the unofficial start of summer.

Local veterans want everyone to remember it’s not just a day off, its a day to honor those who gave all.

“I remember friends that went to vietnam and didn’t come back,” says veteran, Steve Talbot. “We need to remember. We need to remember the sacrifice.”

And remembering those who served is exactly what veterans and residents of hardeeville south carolina did. gathering at purrysburg memorial cemetery on a rainy monday to honor an unknown veteran of the civil war.

“We’re here today to dedicate a headstone to an unknown soldier from the civil war who has laid here for 150 years plus not recognized and not remembered,” says Talbot.

Talbot and others got the idea to honor the  stranger after seeing decaying cemeteries filled with veterans who were forgotten. 

“But when we were here last year…when we were done he walked me over to this mound,” Talbot. “And he said “I just want you to know that that is an unknown soldier from the civil war…I went home and thought about it and said that’s not right, that an individual out there is unrecognized.” 

fast forward a year and that unknown civil war veteran has his own headstone and a ceremony…people in attendance say they are  blown away by the community support for someone none of them knew.

“I’m just so impressed with the community,” says Barbara Loranger, local resident. “This is a little tiny cemetery. It’s not like the great big national ones where everybody comes. And there was a wonderful turnout here so god bless this area.”