SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) — A local organization fed some deserving local veterans on Friday to thank them for their service.

Local organization Broughton Partners hosted a free lunch giveaway. Each person received a hot meal, a drink, and a free gift bag. The purpose was to show appreciation to honor those who put their lives on the line to serve America.

Kelvin Thomas, a retired United States Army Veteran said he was thankful people in the community still want to show how important veterans are.

“It shows that community cares about the veterans who go out and do the things that some people take for granted,” Thomas said. “We’re here to do the best we can and to make sure that people back home, our loved ones back home, will be able to live in a safe environment.”

A United States Army Veteran, Rich Sale who served in Vietnam was overcome with emotion as he reflected on his service and what the day meant to him.

“More than what I can really explain,” Sale said while holding back tears. “I was drafted, I didn’t want to go but I enlisted and ended up going to OCS and flight school and I became a Huey Helicopter pilot there and just patriotism is just big. God, country, family.”

Don Hoput, a marine who served in Vietnam says the difficult experiences he faced will never fade but events like this really shows just how much the community cares for veterans.

“You know it’s still a struggle you know, it’s a lot, a lot up here you know, you don’t wash that away you know, it’s there for life,” Hoput said. “And what everybody went through is pretty tough, and it’s a struggle. I’m thankful for the VA and all taking care of us and all that.”