“Daddy Doll” comes home


BRISTOL, Tenn. (WCYB) – In November 2014, Larry Childers was deployed to Italy, but before he left, his family gave daughter Baillie a special doll.

“I got it for whenever he was on deployment or whenever they are separated,” said Baillie’s stepmother, Bailey Childers.

7-year-old Baillie calls it her “Daddy doll,” andt one recent day the doll disappeared.

“She always takes her daddy doll with her everywhere,” said Childers. “We went to eat at Zaxby’s and then we went over to Boot Barn and noticed that he was not here.” 

The family searched everywhere but were not able to locate the lost doll.

“She was crying in the truck and we were looking everywhere,” said Childers. “I ran in trying to find it and every time it was disappointment.”

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