(NBC News) – The U.S. Army banned TikTok, the popular video and social media app, citing security concerns.

U.S. soldiers have been posting TikToks about everything from training to active duty to homecomings.

Now the Army and Navy see TikTok as a cyber threat and banned the app from all government devices.

While soldiers can still use TikTok on their personal phones, it’s discouraged.

The ban is an about face after recruitment campaigns on TikTok tried to reach a younger audience.

Congressmen have called for an investigation into the potential for spying by the chinese-owned company.

“We don’t know, in the future, what kind of data China may be requesting from this company,” said Theresa Payton, CEO of Fortalice Solutions, “location data, patterns of life, user names”

TikTok has said American user data is stored in the U.S. and backed up in Singapore, not in China.

The TickTok app is one of the latest to face military restrictions.

Last year some fitness trackers were also banned on some bases after maps were found showing soldier workout routines.

Earlier this month, personnel were warned against using dna test kits after alarm over security risks.

Now the military’s latest concern over spying and privacy, stemming from an app made popular by music and dance.