2 new K9s welcomed to Fort Stewart


FORT STEWART, Ga. (WSAV) – Fort Stewart showed off two new pups, Alex and Groll on National K9 Veterans Day.

Alex and Groll will both be trained to work as narcotics and explosive detectors once their training is completed. They would be used to sweep and clear an area if anyone of very important interest was arriving.

“We spend every day with them,” Spc. Catalino Lopez of the 93rd Military Working Dog Detachment said. Lopez’s partner will be Alex, a 2-year-old German Shephard.

“They know who mommy and daddy is… they care about us just as much as we care about them,” Lopez said. The dogs are outfitted with eye protection to protect against sand or flying debris, booties to protect their paws from glass, broken objects or hot asphalt, and a vest.

The canines are originally trained in Lackland Airforce Base in San Antonio, Texas, where they learn the basics. The K9s can begin training at 6-months-old and then are transferred to Fort Stewart to begin their regular 9 to 5 training jobs.

“Their life is just all fun for them and all training for us, and that’s how we make it fun and still get the job done,” Lopez said.

The 93rd Military Dog Detachment conducts law enforcement, force protection and community assistance on Fort Stewart-Hunter Army Airfield.

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