SAVANNAH, GA- A moving company is currently withholding furniture and personal belongings from a military family.

Whitney Carrion moved to Savannah recently with her two-year-old daughter from Kentucky. Carrion’s husband is deployed overseas and plans on joining his family in November.

The couple hired a moving company based off of a recommendation from a military friend. Carrion says the company arrived six days later than promised to drop off the furniture. When the moving company did arrive, Carrion says the company demanded an extra two-thousand dollars above the price they quoted her. The movers then took off with all her belongings.

After reading reviews online, Carrion believes that she’s not the first military family allegedly scammed by the company.

“I want to pay for good honest move, I want our things intact, and I just hope that no families give this company their business without treading lightly. The memories and the personal items are obviously what we’re most concerned about. Watching them drive away with all those items and not knowing what they’re even going to do with it. That’s worrisome,” said Carrion.

News 3 reached out to the moving company and is still waiting for a response.