Metro, Island neighbors on watch after series of home burglaries


WILMINGTON ISLAND, Ga (WSAV) – A series of smash and grab burglaries have some people on Wilmington Island unnerved.

Victims are taking to social media to tell neighbors to beware. At least three homes in the past couple of weeks have been broken into with forced entry such as a back door being kicked in or a deadbolt pried off.

“Well you think it won’t happen to me, I came home and sure enough it had.”

Michelle Leatham locks her home each time she leaves. That did not matter.

“In my situation they gained access over the fence and even tried to crowbar through a deadbolt.”

Her home was broken into like two others on Wilmington Island.

She’s online, asking neighbors to be on the look out.

“Typically it’s a pretty low crime area so when we see any uptick there, I think it’s noticed and felt by residents, but in that neighborhood or any other neighborhood in Savannah one burglary is too many burglaries,” says SCMPD public affairs officer Cpl. Hillary Nielsen

Metro police are reporting at least eight home burglaries have happened on the island in the month of may alone. Leatham had jewelry stolen, similar to what was taken from other homes.

“These are sticks and bricks and whatever they took, it can be replaced, the lives of my family we’re safe, my pets are safe, that’s what’s important.”

Investigators are looking into the smash and grabs…and residents here are looking for any suspicious vehicles. Leatham says that’s what she hopes comes out of these crimes.

“I think that as a community we have to do that, looking out for one another, get to know your neighbors.”

Metro has not made any arrest in relation to these burglaries. If you have any information that could help them, you can call Crimestoppers at 912-234-2020.

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