(WXIN) — A married couple in India has taken legal action against their son for not giving them a grandchild after six years of marriage.

The BBC reports Sanjeev and Sadhana Prasad are suing their only son for nearly $650,000 if he and his wife do not produce a grandchild within the next year.

The two say they want compensation after spending their life savings on their 35-year-old son, including $65,000 for him to train as a pilot in the U.S., as well as paying for a lavish wedding at a five-star hotel and a honeymoon in Thailand.

“But despite all our efforts, my son and his wife have caused mental torture by not giving us a grandchild. The society also questions us, causing further pain,” the Prasads wrote in their petition, according to The National.

The BBC writes the lawsuit was filed on the grounds of “mental harassment.”

The Prasads say if they had a grandchild, the pain would “become bearable.”

In India, many parents traditionally make or contribute to decisions affecting their grown children’s personal and professional lives — including arranged marriages. The National says refusal to comply is seen as a great disrespect.