Marine veteran shot by a stray bullet while watching 4th of July fireworks


It was a scary end to the Fourth of July for one veteran in Savannah.

He was struck by a stray bullet while enjoying the fireworks in his East Savannah backyard.

“I’ve heard this all my life. Don’t shoot in the air. Never once thinking I would get hit with a bullet,” said Gregg Siedl.

Siedl tells News 3 he initially thought he was hit by an unexploded firework.

“It felt like somebody had taken a baseball and thrown it at me as hard as they could . . . I’m looking around on the ground trying to see where it was and there was blood just pouring down the front of me,” said Siedl.

The bullet came two centimeters from a main artery.

“They’re gonna leave it there. It’s between my clavicle and the muscle and they said it would probably do more damage trying to take it out at this point but, they said it was two centimeters away from my corroded artery and my aorta. There’s such a thin line between life and death,’ said Siedl.

Siedl says the bullet has given him a refreshed appreciation for life but hopes the incident serves as a cautionary tale for anyone with a gun.

“I don’t want this to change me. It’s already hurt me and I’ll continue to watch fireworks and enjoy them but I wanna make sure people understand you can’t just shoot up in the air and think nothings gonna happen for it,” said Siedl.

Savannah Police say the preliminary information shows the shooting was due to celebratory gunfire but it’s unclear where the bullet came from.

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