Many Tybee Island residents planning to ride out Hurricane Dorian


TYBEE ISLAND, Ga. (WSAV) — Many people living on Tybee Island have decided to hunker down and ride out Hurricane Dorian.

Tybee Island leaders are preparing for the storm. Mayor Jason Buelterman says there are back up sewage station pumps now in place in case the power goes out. Most people on the island have already loaded up on sandbags. We found out that many businesses on Tybee have boarded up in anticipation of the storm.

There’s a mandatory evacuation order in place right now, but we found there are many folks on the island who have not heeded the warning to get out of town.

“I plan on staying. I stayed through irma we got water in our house a little bit, didn’t get water here at the store,” says Mike Hosti — owner of IGA grocery store.

For people who have decided not to evacuate, the mayor says just remember if tropical storm force winds arrive, police, fire and EMS won’t respond to 911 calls. He says it’s an issue of their safety.

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