Major sewage spill in West Savannah


SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) – People in West Savannah got an unexpected Christmas surprise when they heard strange sounds coming from their plumbing.

“I noticed that the toilet kept going blub blub blub blub, and my little dog she would go and bark at the toilet,” Rachel Hales a tenant at Rivermoor said.

She said this was the second spill she has experienced in the last year and a half. The city of Savannah’s Communications Director, Nick Zoller, said the city’s infrastructure makes it almost impossible to avoid overflow when there is an intense storm.

“When you have an event like this and there’s so much water coming in the system can’t necessarily keep up and that’s when you might have some manhole overflows, which is what occurred in this instance,” Zoller said.

Zoller said people can help reduce sewage spills by making sure their property’s water runoff is not flowing into the sewers, but he said that does not guarantee that a spill won’t happen again.

“”It is a challenge and making sure we are effectively using those resources to go after the areas that are showing us problems is something we are focused on,” Zoller stated.

It may have not been the best surprise right before Christmas, but Hales said perspective is everything. Her Christmas plans are still in place and she said the city’s quick response helped improve the situation.

“When you get older and have experienced more things, I think you get a little more tolerant,” Hales said.

According to the State Environmental Protection Division guidelines, the spill was classified as “major” and the Georgia Health Department has been notified.

The city placed spill notifications at each site, and they said the clean-up is almost finished.

Another spill is in the process of being corrected on Wilmington Island. City officials estimate the spill was 59 thousand gallons of sewage.

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