Major cleanup at Fort Pulaski


SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) – Fort Pulaski is showing some signs of wear after weathering two hurricanes and a tornado within the last three years. That’s why a huge maintenance project is now underway at a cost of about $500,000.

Park Ranger Joel Cadoff takes us to the westside of Cockspur Island where there is a huge pile of debris. “It’s both some of that storm debris that built up over the last couple of years especially after Hurricane Irma that’s still there. It’s more pushed off the side (of trails and other areas) and that’s a big project to come in and deal with that, it’s not something that the park staff can do on their own,” he told us.

“So now we’re dealing with this debris pile but we’re also cleaning up areas in the park that we haven’t been able to get to before,” he says.

He says the debris has to be removed not only to prepare for future hurricanes but that right now it is presenting a potential fire danger.

“All this vegetation, it’s fuel for fires and a fire would threaten park infrastructure,” he told us. “So our contractors are going in and clearing that out all and we’ll have this debris that will be removed and any of the damaged or downed trees. We’re not going to be taking down healthy trees or anything like that and all the debris we do remove will be ground up and then left here and basically will be recycled.”

He says the project will some months and may not be completed until spring. “The park will be open the whole time and at some point, there may be some trail closures,” he said.

However, Cadoff says the public will be notified well in advance if and when trails do have to be closed. He does say the clean up will be worth it and is necessary especially to prepare for future storms.

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