Lowcountry students dig up pieces of their own history


We know the roles that Savannah and much of the Lowcountry played in the Civil War, but did you know about their connection to the Revolutionary War?

Students at one Seabrook school now do, and they were able to see some of it next door to their own school.

The Battle of Beaufort is an important part of not just Lowcountry history – but American history.

It was the first battle of the Revolutionary War in South Carolina and the first where African-Americans and white people fought together.

The Archaeology Club from Whale Branch Middle School has been studying the battle and Seabrook’s place in history. Friday they went just a few miles from school to a nearby 

  Its also the site of what was called a “Freedman’s House” where after Abraham Lincoln helped abolish slavery, newly freed slaves learned how to read, plant crops for themselves and be independent.

The kids have been studying the site, and with the help of local archeologists got to find artifacts and then even help unearth these pieces of history themselves.

88% of Whale Branch students are African-American, and teachers say in this area, they could very well be finding a piece of their own past.

“You think that social studies are about the past, you don’t need to know stuff about the past, but there’s a lot of stuff about the past that people don’t know about if you really go into it its really interesting,” said Michael Lee, Whale Branch club member.

“They could be a part of history, this history is their history. They pick up a piece that they found. the last person that picked it up could be their ancestor. Or even if they weren’t the last person to touch it fought in the Civil War,” said Dr. Pamela Storey, Whale Branch Archaeology Club Advisor

“When I first joined archeology club, I thought like we were going to find a whole bunch of diamonds and gold and stuff, but this is way better,” said Michael.

With the help of the experts, the club was able to find a jacket button and a brass eagle piece that may have come from a Civil War-era sword.

the goal is to expand the operation beyond this small area, and see how much of this Freedman’s site they can find.

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