Lowcountry sisters helping people in need through ‘Kids 4 Hope’


Two young girls in the Lowcountry are using their extra time at home to do some good.

Proving when it comes to charity, age is only a number.

“They were really surprised it was me and Avery doing it. they were surprised it was just a couple 12-year-olds starting a campaign,” said Finley Watterson.
“Well together we are 24,” smiles his sister Avery.

Together twin sisters Avery and Finley Watterson are trying to change the world one donation at a time.

“Just helping people makes me and my sister feel amazing,” said Avery.

“It makes us happy, it’s not just getting the gift, its giving,” according to Finlay.

Their dad Billy created Help 4 Hope which is giving out gift cards to restaurant and other employees in need.

Through that, the girls soon learned how many people needed help in the Lowcountry.

“When my mom comes to me and says I have this friend that can’t pay their bills and they have 4 children, 5 children. That makes my heart just hurt,” said Avery Watterson.

“If Mom and Dad come home one day and say I’m sorry we can’t get food because we lost our jobs, that’s like fear, like wait, I can’t eat today,” explains Finley.

“So that’s when it all started because we said kids can make a difference too,” said Finley.

So they took mom and dad’s Christmas card list and started writing emails and letters, asking for donations so they could buy restaurant gift cards from Help 4 Hope.

“My grandparents were sending money, some of my friends were sending money,” remembers Finley. “My Aunt and Uncle were sending money. Even some of the neighbors we didn’t know were sending money.”

Then they branched out. Taking their message to strangers to try and raise even more.

“Hey, can you help us raise money for this cause,” said Avery. “I know we haven’t met before but we really want to help these people.”

“Our focus is on feeding families, supporting restaurants and saving jobs.”

“It just made me really happy that a lot of people don’t care who you are or what your background was, they just want to help for the cause,” said Finley.

That help so far has resulted in more than $5000 in donations.. 200 meals for a family of four.. and growing.

“We decided to raise the bar and I think we are going to keep raising it until we make a big difference,” said Finley.

The girls write thank you letters to each person who donates,

They hope other kids will now step up. Starting “Kids 4 Hope” and a contest with prizes ranging from a t-shirt to a pizza party to a full night at Station 300 for you and your friends. All for anyone their age who steps up and helps out.

“This is really affecting us as kids and I think we can make a difference just like adults do,” said Avery. “As a community all together even though we are younger, it’s going to change the world. Everything is possible if you put your mind to it and there are different ways to do things.”

“I feel like don’t just do it for the prizes,” said Finley. “The real treasure is helping people out.”

“I hope we inspire people to do this as well because this is a cause worth working for,” said Avery.

If you would like to get kids involved in Kids 4 Hope https://www.help4hopenow.org/kids4hope/

or find out more on how you can donate to Help 4 Hope https://www.help4hopenow.org/

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