Lowcountry restaurant using technology to keep employees, customers safe


Restaurants don’t just have to keep everything clean, they have to make sure customers feel safe to come in and eat.

With Memorial Day weekend on the horizon.. that goal is more important than ever to businesses in Coligny Plaza.

Fish restaurant is using giant inflatable toys in some seats to make folks use every other chair. Inside there are crab nets blocking some areas to make sure folks don’t sit too close.

At Frosty Frog there are specially logoed masks for employees. A box of gloves are on the counter, switched out regularly. Tables are 6 feet apart.. even if that means 20 less places for people to sit

“We just want to be safe and we want to protect our work families our own families and our community,” said Rusty Jacquiss of Frosty Frog.

That protection taken to the next level.

Employees are now having their temperatures checked by managers. Then another piece of technology comes into play, a pulse oxygen machine measures the amount of oxygen in the blood. If its too low, you go home, or straight to the doctor.

“I just like that its another level of protection,” said Jacquiss. “Just one more level that helps us know if someone is sick. Being asymptomaic or not knowing that is a security blanket to know that you are ok.”

“Inside I have actually removed 16 tables,” said Amie Baima of Skillet’s Cafe. “Outside I have soread the tables completely around.”

Skillets Cafe says it served more than 400 tables last week. That’s down from the usual 700 plus, but owners say they aren’t complaining, just happy to be open.

The tables with the chairs on them are blocked off for distancing. The salad bar is closed, but you now order off a menu to “make your own”.

There is no longer sugar, cream or salt and pepper on the tables. To keep it from getting contaminated, everything has to be sanitary.

Amie says its changes that everyone has to get used to, but necessary ones.

“The first few days was a lot of extra steps but now I think we are all settling into a new rhthym,” said Amie. “I’ve hired a lot of new employees so as they move in I can teach them these new steps.”

A step in the right direction for all these Coligny businesses who have already faced down the first round of summer crowds.

With memorial day weekend looming their goal is to make sure everyone follows the rules and has fun.

“Our customers and general public are going to dictate what happens,” said Amie. “A lot of our customers are pleased to see we are wearing masks, the social distancing the tabel spacing. eating outside more than inside has become the new norm.”

“It’s a handful,” said Rusty. “People want their new normalcy back and unfortunately we aren’t there yet.”

So far businesses say the entire process has worked thanks to the people. They are understanding and actually keeping their distance.

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