BEAUFORT, S.C. (WSAV) — The Beaufort community is honoring a local legend that helped teach thousands of children how to swim.

A well-known pool in the lowcountry will be renamed to honor a man who put the needs of others before himself.

A special dedication ceremony took place at the Charles Lind Brown recreational center on Greene street in Beaufort early Monday morning.

Formally known as the Greene Street pool is where Alvin Settles spent over the last 30 years teaching thousands of young kids and adults how to swim will now be named in his honor.

His son, Jerrod Settles recalls the moments growing up and says his father loved the being at the pool.

Settles said ““This was his first love, this was his passion. My dad always year round regardless of the pool was open or not would come down here and check on the pool, make sure everything was working properly, making sure everything was working so that when it did open, he could work on it. It just shows the care took in his pool, in his community”.

Every Summer, Settles spent hours teaching the most important life skill to not only children in Beaufort, but children all over the lowcontry received lessons from him.

Danny Allen, a former lifeguard of Settles says how much of impact he made in the community, and hill will always be remembered for that.

Allen said “He taught generations of families to not only swim, but feel comfortable around the water. You had a lot of parents that did not know how to swim, grandparents that didn’t know how to swim. So they didn’t feel comfortable allowing kids around water. So, just what he brought to it, especially you have a lot of underprivileged kids. I mean kids being bused in from different counties who were being able to be touched by him”.

Settles not only taught at the pool, but he was also a speech pathologist for the U.S. Department of Defense for the local school system. In 2015, the South Carolina House of Representatives honored his outstanding work within the community. In 2021, he passed away but he was someone people in the community admired, and will never be forgotten.

Morgan Green reflects on how much he meant to not only him, but everyone in the community.

Green said, ““He was a man of example that I could look to, and really not have to ask any questions, just stand and observe, and learn, and follow in their foosteps”.