Lowcountry Pastor asking for prayer, church bells to ring


Pastor from St Stephen AME Church in Hardeeville asking all churches to ring bells twice a day three days a week

One Lowcountry church is hoping to bring peace during these stressful times.

Reverend LV Johnson of Saint Stephen AME Church in Hardeeville wants all churches not just in Hardeeville, but in the Lowcountry and the Nation to ring their bells at 7 am and 7 pm three days a week.

She’s hoping people will stop and say a prayer when they hear them.

“A simple thing like a call to prayer I believe would bring us even closer together. A call to prayer that simply reminds us that our faith is still unshakeable, even in a crisis,” said Rev. LV Johnson.

Johnson is calling for the bells to ring at 7 am and 7 pm every Sunday, Wednesday, and Friday until people can return to “regular’ church services.

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