Lowcountry couple quarantined on cruise ship talks about ordeal


A Lowcountry couple is back on dry land after an ordeal at sea. They were stuck on a cruise ship with Coronavirus patients.

21 People tested positive while on the cruise ship Grand Princess..Two more after they left the ship.

Hundreds more were quarantined like Jim and Nancy Lapointe.. All left in their rooms wondering if they could also be infected.

“We were in the buffet on the ship and the Captain came on and announced to go to your rooms we are going to begin isolation,” said Jim and Nancy Lapointe.

The Lapointe’s are from Illinois but spend their winters in Hilton Head.

That’s how Jim and Nancy Lapointe found out something was wrong aboard their ship.

“We knew something was up just from all the news fo the Diamond Princess.”

7 passengers on board that ship died as a result of the virus.

Jim Lapointe sitting on the deck on the Grand Princess during isolation on ship

This set of passengers was concerned about what was happened below deck on their boat.

“The captain came on every day, 2-3 times a day,” said Jim. “Given us some days but he was not given updates from the government what he was going to do with us.”

But the couple says while it was a long trip it wasn’t all bad.. They had a deck to sit on and food delivered to their door.. when they were wearing medical masks..

“We couldn’t ask for any better care right now.”

Passengers luggage being pulled off the ship

The ship sailed around San Francisco Bay for days, not allowed in by authorities before finally being allowed to dock in the Oakland port.

That’s where Jim, Nancy and everyone else was put on a plane for Dobbins Air Force Base in Marietta, Georgia where they will stay for at least 14 days.

“Our hearts go out to the crew though because after all the passengers are off we were told they had to go back out to sea off the coast and do they are quarantined there, said Nancy.

Airline workers in masks to protect from Coronavirus

“Neither one of us has had any symptoms.”

“Are you scared about anything that’s gone on or what lies ahead?”
“We are not. We are good.”

“We have another cruise with Princess to Alaska in July.”
“Everything that’s gone on here won’t stop you?”
“Absolutely not.”

Health officials on plane with cruise passengers being taken to quarantine at Dobbins Air Force Base

The couple will stay at the air force base for two weeks and they will get tested for coronavirus while they are there.

The first place they are going after that is to see their brand new great-granddaughter who was born while they were trapped on the ship.

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