Lowcountry churches, animal agency start supply drive for Dorian victims


The drive supports families in the Bahamas devastated by Hurricane Dorian

People in the Lowcountry are stepping up to help hurricane survivors in the Bahamas.

Three local Bluffton Churches have teamed up with Savannah Aviation and Missionary Flights International to bring some relief to those devastated by Hurricane Dorian. Pilots from Savannah and many other areas have teamed up with this amazing organization based out of Ft. Pierce, Florida. They have carried out countless relief operations for Caribbean areas ravished by natural disasters such as Hurricane Maria, Matthew, and Irma.

This group is loading items right from their planes and on the ground with local organizations in the Bahamas who are specifically targeting remote areas with no access to evacuations or other relief. They are filling up their planes and delivering aid directly to the people in need.

Bible Missionary Baptist, First Zion Missionary Baptist and Campbell Chapel AME Church, along with Beaufort County’s Palmetto Animal League have begun a drive for toiletries, blankets, simple things that people who now have nothing may need. Organizers say we were spared by Dorian, and it could be a sign that its time to step up and help others.

“You have thousands of people who’s new normal will be changed for quite some time,” explained Bridgette Frazier, organizer. “Who don’t have a place to stay, who every day wondering what they and their families will be eating. its just good to bring it back to a little bit of reality. Yes, we have some things we can complain about but we thank god for the fact that it wasn’t the type of devastation that was predicted for this area.”

Specific needs are non-perishable food, blankets, toiletries like toothpaste, soap, and shampoo as well as motor oil, generators, batteries, boots, chainsaws, duct tape and power tools to help them rebuild.

While the group appreciates water and clothes, right now that is not on their “need” list.

You can drop off items at any of the churches or Beaufort County PAL until September 20. You can also Amazon items directly to those same locations, or send checks or cash.

All donations are tax-deductible and more information on the partnering organization can be found at www.missionaryflights.org.

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