SAVANNAH, Ga (WSAV) — Synagogues across are making sure to stay on top of things when it comes to security, and a Savannah synagogue is planning to step up its security.

One of the oldest Jewish congregations in America, Congregation Mickve Israel,  says they are taking all necessary safety measures.

“We’ve been taking extra measures and we do everything we can,” Rabbi Robert Haas said. “We work closely with the police department, both the county and city. We work with national security organizations, and we work with local Jewish organizations to try to maximize our efforts to be as secure as possible.”

Rabbi Haas said even before the recent attack, they had been staying on their toes with ways to keep the congregation safe. He said he’s even worked with experts.

He told News 3 he is lucky to live in a city like Savannah.

“The mayor was very good,” Rabbi Haas said. “As soon as this happened, he called and made sure he had a meeting with all of us to help figure out the best way for the community to work together. He made sure that we had police presence there. So basically, we are living in a very good community.”

During Mayor Johnson’s Tuesday presser, he touched on his conversation with Jewish leaders in the area.

“It was about first acknowledging how they feel, telling them of course that we are supportive of them,” Mayor Johnson said. “And then from there, transitioning into their state of readiness, and how can we be of help. Then the conversation progressed into how we can be supportive.”

Rabbi Haas told us they are always prepared. He said acts of violence and hatred toward the Jewish community worry many, but they have to continue to live life. He went on to say most importantly they need to continue to have service.