SAVANNAH, Ga (WSAV) — Clara Waidley started making music at a young age and now she’s gaining national attention through the social media app, TikTok. 

Waidley says her musical career began when she was a child in Michigan. She says once she overcame her shyness, she began singing in front of people. 

“But, as I got older in high school and college I started writing you know my own songs and really just enjoyed playing for people,” Clara said. 

From there, she took her talents across the country and settled here in Savannah. Waidely says she was determined to grow her audience and it was time to let her voice be heard on a larger stage.

 “And one day I was like, you know what like why don’t I just set my phone up next to me while I street perform and see what happens and it worked out. I was like this is so rad, this is such a cool way to kind of grow an audience”.

Waidley has gained attention from people all over the world. she now has over 120 thousand followers and says she appreciates the support she has gotten so far. 

“Gosh, I’m really just grateful thankful that people want to listen to me and want to listen to my music as well, and yeah honestly there’s been some people that really have been encouraging and supportive of me”.

Waidley encourages anyone who might be afraid of putting themselves out there to take the risk—she says it will always be worth it in the end.

“I, I feel like why not share it, because it helps people. It does like, even if, even if you know you don’t blow up in a way or you know you only have a couple of people that are into what you’re doing, it’s still helping them”