Local Reverend teams up with SCCPSS for Adopt-A-School Initiative



Our children are the future.

That’s a why a local reverend is calling on churches and businesses to join his Adopt-A-School  Initiative, to make sure all of them have a chance at a bright one.

News 3’s Courtney Cole spoke to him to find out what the program is about and how it can have a positive impact on the students and teachers in Savannah.

“Adopt-A-School Initiative is an effort to transform our communities from the inside out.”

A transformation Reverend G. Lind Taylor, of First Congregational Church of Savannah, says starts by creating partnerships with schools.

“We believe that if people had an opportunity to express their giftedness and help and get involved, I believe they really want to, they’re just looking for opportunities to help children,” Reverend Taylor told News 3.

Taylor says the initiative creates the opportunity.

“We meet with the principal, we establish a relationship…Then they go and outline what they think is important for that school to have. The principal shares that information, and we come to help.”

But help isn’t always just monetary, in fact he says moral support is important, too!

“For instance, if we can sit in a class or help a teacher in terms of reading, in school mentoring programs…Being a partner, I think that that’s so important,” said Reverend Taylor.

Because every effort to make our children’s learning environment a better one—counts.

“Even if it’s five-percent of our children that we thought were going to end up on the negative road, end up positive, that’s a measurable outcome, that’s positive and we just chip away at it,” he said.

Reverend Taylor told News 3 six local churches have already committed, and the 100 Black Men of Savannah are also partnering with the program to provide mentor training.

He says he’s hoping to get at least six more churches or businesses to sign-up.

If youre interested in signing up for the Adopt-A-School program, you can call or e-mail Reverend G. Lind Taylor:

Email: GLindTaylor@gmail.com

Phone: (912)-677-6893

Reverend Taylor has also organized a uniform drive, aiming to make sure every student, at all 55 of the public schools in Savannah-Chatham County Public School System, will have them.

Click here to find out how you can donate money or uniforms:  http://bit.ly/29rqOnS

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