SAVANNAH, Ga. – A Savannah pastor is currently searching for his mother who was in her Gatlinburg home at the time of the fire.

Alice Hagler is the mother of Pastor Lyle Wood out of Compassion Christian Church.

James Davis, a worship pastor with the church, told News 3 his brother had been on the phone with his mother during the fire.

She had told him the flames were close to her home, but then the phone line disconnected.

Now close friends of the church are helping to find the woman who’s been missing for 24 hours.

“They can’t reach her,” Davis said. “They’re calling shelters, they’re calling hospitals and all the friends and contacts we have in that area and just trying desperately to get a hold of her to find out what has happened if something has happened.”

Several people are trying to locate this woman and reunite her with her family. If know anyone who could help you’re asked to call 912-429-3938 or 912-572-8955.

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